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VC 81 Compliance

Since the introduction of the VC-81 Telecommunications Compliance Documentation in February 2013, there have been many changes to keep up-to-date within the telecommunications industry. If you are sub-dividing land (to sell as vacant, to build on, tenant and/or live in) your surveyor will confirm this is a permit requirement for all councils.

Futuretek Communications  began delivering the compliance documentation when our customers started asking for it. This was shortly after the ‘NBN ready’ legislation was put in place.  As experienced contractors for over twenty years, we understand the multi-layered and constantly changing processes of NBN and Telstra systems. We know how to engage and navigate these processes, through setbacks and or barriers towards obtaining what you need to comply.

Councils across Victoria differ and most will not release a Statement of Compliance for developments without VC-81 documents signed-off by a qualified company or person(s). We want to save you from the stress of a multi-layered and complex process, so if you would like Futuretek Communications to handle this for you then fill out our Application Form above and we will send you a no-obligation quote. We offer installation services as well, so if you haven’t completed building the quote will also include information about pit and pipe installs from dwelling to network.