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Underground boring experts - Melbourne

Futuretek Communications provides a professional underground boring service in Melbourne at highly competitive rates. If you’re looking to save time and money on your residential or commercial project, this method is the way to go as it can often be completed faster and is a more cost effective option than open trenching.

Using the latest boring equipment and machinery, we’re able to install underground services with minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure. Our highly skilled team has the capability to bore long distances using multi pipe installations thus bringing timely and cost effective solutions to your build.

Many businesses choose this option because it delivers minimal noise and disruption to local surroundings and existing assets. With any type of construction work, we take public safety very seriously and always make it a primary consideration to ensure safety standards are adhered to at all times.



Accurate, reliable & professional boring solutions

At Futuretek, we take great pride in delivering accurate and precise boring projects that meet your construction needs.

Our team will do a thorough assessment of your property and provide you with a detailed analysis of what may be required.

Whether you need expert drilling, installation of pipes or extensive groundwork, our elite boring contractors can help you reach your project goals quickly and efficiently. Based in Melbourne, Futuretek is committed to providing high quality boring solutions for clients Victoria wide.  As elite boring contractors, our standard of work is always A Grade and completed using the most advanced equipment on every project.

We specialise in:

  • Pipe laying
  • Horizontal drilling
  • Accurate ground work solutions

Boring & drilling professionals working to your exact project requirements

We understand every project is different. Before starting with any type of boring or drilling work, our goal is to obtain a detailed analysis of your underground boring needs to ensure a high quality result. Whatever your project specifications, we have the industry ‘know how’ to get the job completed within your individual budget and timeframe.

Looking for cost-effective underground boring solutions in Melbourne? Contact Futuretek Communications on (03) 9361 1818 for a free project cost estimation and quote.