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Why Is Underground Internet Cabling a Preferred Method over Overhead Cables?

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16:04 PM

Overhead internet cables are usually found in rural or less populated areas. In this kind of connection format, the wires are connected through wooden or steel poles. Overhead cables may also be found in some cities as they are used to cover larger areas. Underground internet cables are below the surface, and underground internet cabling is usually found in densely populated cities.

The choice between the two methods is dependent on several factors, such as safety, cost, voltage, etc. Overhead internet cabling is cheaper, easier to install, covers a larger area and is easier to upgrade as well compared to underground internet cabling.   

Nonetheless, underground cables are still preferred over overhead cables due to many reasons:

Environmental Friendly

Underground cables are safer since they are beneath the surface (hence the term ‘underground’). Most cities with a dense population usually have underground cables installed. This prevents several risks, such as electrocution. It also protects the cables at the time of heavy rain or snow.

Heat Indulgence

In underground cables, heat Indulgence is low due to the layers that the wires are covered in. Layers such as armouring and sheaths are used for cable protection. However, in overhead cables, since there are not as many layers, the wires are dependent on natural air for cooling.

Physical Conditions

Overhead cables are more prone to damage by the outside physical conditions. For example, they are susceptible to damage from lightning, rain, humans, animals, trees, etc. Underground cables have no such interference; hence, chances of damage are fairly low.

No Interference 

Overhead internet cables might interfere with other communication lines such as interruption from radio signals. Underground internet cables are free from interference, even if there are other communication lines at close proximity.

Moreover, underground cables do not interfere with any development projects. For example, if there are overhead cables installed in an area and you need that land for construction, these cables might be a problem. 

Voltage frequency

The voltage frequently drops in overhead cables compared to underground internet cables. This is because overhead cables are much smaller in size compared to underground cables.

Better Scenery

The underground internet cables are more environmentally friendly because you don’t need to see the sight of poles and cables around.

Underground cables may be a bit more expensive to install or construct, but they are far more convenient than overhead internet cables. Underground cables are less likely to break and can easily be used in any area. If you require any information regarding any electrical or telecommunication services, you may contact us here, and we will be happy to assist you.