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The Importance of Compliance Documentation

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10:00 AM

If you’re planning to subdivide land, there’s a number of things you’ll need to consider once you’ve confirmed your certificate of title allows for subdivision. In Victoria alone, every subdivision at a minimum, requires approval from your local council, the state department of roads, a water authority, a gas body an electricity body and a telecommunications body.

In this article, it’s the last ‘body’ we are interested in. Below we’ll take a look at the importance of complying with telecommunication compliance documentation for your subdivision. This compliance process - which is known in Victoria as VC81 Compliance - can be somewhat complicated to achieve, more on that later, but first…

Why do I need Telecommunications Compliance Anyway?

The reality in Australia today, is that all home buyers expect their property to have reliable broadband internet and phone connection. Anything less is simply not acceptable.

For this reason, every property developer has certain obligations to meet to ensure that all telecommunications infrastructure installed at the property meets Australian standards. The federal government updated their Telecommunications in New Developments policy (TIND) in September 2020. This policy will no doubt be continually updated in coming years as technology advances.

The Victorian compliance process is based in large part on the federal government’s requirements. If you fail to submit telecommunications compliance documentation, many councils will knock back your subdivision permit until such time as you do so.

What is Involved in Compliance Documentation?

Every Australian state is different; however in Victoria the compliance documentation is commonly referred to as VC81 Compliance. This documentation, when prepared correctly, will ensure your property meets the requirements for subdivision in regards to offering reliable telecommunication services to future buyers.

Yes, we know, VC81 isn’t the friendliest sounding name; however it simply refers to the title of an amendment to the Victorian Planning Provisions; an amendment which occurred in 2013.

As we mentioned above, the process can be somewhat complicated and challenging, especially for first-time subdividers to navigate.

However essentially you are trying to achieve a couple of simple objectives: as the landowner you are aiming to ensure your lot (or lots) will be provisioned with appropriate telecommunication services, including fibre ready telecommunication facilities. You are also aiming to demonstrate that you have entered into agreement with the appropriate telecommunications providers to make  this happen. Rather than us getting too bogged down in detail here, find out exactly what’s involved by clicking here.

Once you’ve entered into agreement with the relevant service providers, you’ll be able to complete and submit your VC81 Compliance documentation.

You’re then in a position to pester your council until they issue you with a statement of compliance!

Can Anyone Help Me Obtain VC81 Compliance?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES! At Futuretek we started preparing VC81 documentation ever since our clients started asking for it.

If you want to save yourself the stress of dealing with a  multi-layered and complex compliance process Contact Futuretek today. 

We also offer installation services, so if you haven’t completed building, our quote for compliance documentation will also include information about pit and pipe installs from dwelling to network.