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Only Qualified Professionals Should Handle Underground Electrical Work

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09:00 AM

Underground electrical work is not something anyone can do. There are many hazards associated with underground electrical work. Therefore, this job should only be handled by qualified professionals. This blog will discuss some of the risks of underground electrical work and why it should only be managed by professionals.


Why Should A Professional Handle Underground Electrical Work?

According to Amendment VC81, a suitably qualified person should be appointed to handle the fibre-ready telecommunications facilities in accordance with the industry specifications or standards set by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.


Workers Should Have Proper Qualification

The work performed by electrical engineers or operating workers is difficult and involves a qualified degree of training as well as a sense of responsibility. Not everyone has the right qualification, training, or experience for this type of work, which is why it should only be handled by professionals.  


Only Professionals Can Handle the Stress

The workers have to work under excruciating circumstances with extreme temperatures, which may cause stress and other difficulties. The work requires a lot of practice and experience, which can’t be handled by newbies or untrained staff.  


It Requires Physical Effort

Most of the underground electrical work has to be handled manually, which demands a lot of physical effort. The equipment has to be handled with care and caution as its mishandling can easily result in a serious or even a fatal injury.


Risk of Electrocution

Even though the workers are equipped with the gear required for underground electrical work, the chances of electrocution are still high. This risk is enough to warrant that only qualified professionals should attempt any repair work on underground electrical cables.


Cabling Can Be Damaged

A person who does not know much about handling underground electrical work can easily cause damage to the underground wires and cabling system. This can lead to disruption of electricity supply throughout the area for long hours, which will not only cause inconvenience to residents but can also cause crucial machinery to have to power down (like hospital equipment).


Fire Hazard

Fires or explosions can be caused by improper use of equipment or mishandling the cabling structure. Static electricity can also ignite flammable vapours or dust. Sometimes when certain electrical parts are exposed, they can cause shocks and burns. Only a qualified professional would know how to handle exposed electrical parts.


If an unqualified person is appointed at the task of handling underground electrical work, the chances of physical as well as financial risks can become substantially high. Don’t worry, though; Future Tek communications will ensure that the work gets done the right way by appointing qualified personnel for your telecommunication needs. If you have any questions, please contact us here.