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Why should you Dial Before You Dig ?

Posted By Futuretek Communications,
17/03/2021 14:13 PM
Why should you dial before you dig? Whether you are a large construction company, a landscape gardener, plumber or you’re a home owner that wants to install a washing line. If you are planning on...

What is a Lead-In and do I need one?

Posted By ,
25/02/2021 21:01 PM
A Lead-In is the physical network connection between your home and your property’s boundary. A Lead-In is usually installed underground within a trench unless aerial cabling is already being used...

If you Have Problems with Your Internet, You should Call Your Internet Service Provider First

Posted By ,
18/01/2021 10:18 AM
We understand that it can be extremely frustrating when your Wi-Fi network is connected, but there is still no internet service. The network even shows up on your Wi-Fi menu, yet the internet does...